MetaMax’ drug candidate was listed in TOP 100 Russian inventions in 2011

On June 29, the Federal Service on Intellectual Property Rospatent published a list of 100 best inventions in Russia in 2011, which included patent No. 2435783 “Chimeric peptide and it’s pharmaceutical composition for cancer disease treatment”, received by MetaMax in late 2011. The annual list of 100 best inventions in Russia has been published since 2007 and includes the most significant, according to the experts of the Federal state financed institution Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) and Rospatent, innovation developments in different industry sectors.

MetaMax, Ltd is a private Russian biotechnology company, founded in 2010 for the purpose of development and promotion of innovation biopharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of the most wide spread and dangerous systemic diseases. The company was financed by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, set up with the participation of RVC. Currently this company deals with the development of its first drug product called MM-D37K, an innovative Russian drug for the treatment of different types of gastrointestinal cancer, particularly colorectal cancer, which is one of the most wide spread types of oncologic diseases.

The projected MM-D37K drug, which was distinguished by the Rospatent experts, is a special case of a technological platform, based on internalized peptide sequences. Within the framework of the development of this platform by means of molecular modeling and subsequent pre-clinical studies, MetaMax does the R&D work, aimed at the search of new peptide sequences, which should lay a foundation for the active protection of new intellectual property and enlargement of the company’s product portfolio by means of adding drugs for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer and glioblastoma.

The accomplished primary preclinical verification of the efficiency of the MM-D37K drug showed its high therapeutic potential in the treatment of different types of cancer (in vitro and in vivo) and demonstrated an additive and cumulative effect in a combined therapy with standard chemotherapeutic agents. Preliminary tests of the drug toxicity confirm the combination safety and make it possible to recommend it for clinical trials. In case of a successful completion of the preclinical studies, MetaMax plans to submit a registration dossier for getting permission for conducting phase 1/2а of the clinical trials in patients with oncologic diseases in 2013.

“We are very glad that the original Russian drug, developed by the company, was properly evaluated by state intellectual property experts, - Andrey Boldyrev, CEO of MetaMax, Ltd, says. – We hope that the successful results will be confirmed by the further preclinical and clinical trials, which will enable us to bring to the Russian and global market a unique product, able to reduce the toxicity of standard chemotherapy regimens and improve the quality of life of patients with metastatic forms of cancer”.


Anna Zelenkova,
PR director with Maxwell Biotech Group;
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