Product: MM-D37K-chimeric peptide

Therapeutic focus: glioblastoma, gastrointestinal cancers (pancreatic, gastric, esophageal, liver and colorectal), bladder csncer, melanoma. 
Status: Phase 1/2a clinical trial.

The Company’s leading product MM-D37K is a chimeric peptide based on the use of CPP (cell penetrating peptide) for intracellular delivery of target antitumor peptides that inhibit proliferation and activate apoptosis.

Using such CPP transport sequence allows the chimeric peptide to penetrate through the cell membrane with high speed and efficiency and possibly to cross blood-brain barrier.

As the functional target sequence the cyclin kinase inhibitor protein was used, this choice was based on the fact of frequent loss of activity observed for this protein (p16) in various tumors includung colorectal, gastric and pancreactic cancers.

The combination of these two approaches allowed us to create a peptide that could become complementory to currently used drugs to treat colorectal cancer and lower the toxicity of standard chemotherapy regimens, as well as improve the quality of life of patients with metastatic cancer.